3 Passions

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Clarisa Rivas
The Three Passions of My Life

What is passion? Passion is a strong amorous feeling or desire, such as love or hate. I have three passions, simple but strong in my life: a desire to imagine, the search for understanding, and family. Three passions that will carve the path I have walked and will continue to guide me on my life’s journey.

A desire to imagine, my first passion, is my overwhelmingly desire to create a world of my own. Great stories, presented in any form, have given me more joy and satisfaction than I could possibly describe in words. Sometimes when I read a book or watch a movie, it generates a whole lot of emotions in me and helps me kind of make sense of life and my role in this world. Every time I come across a great story, I completely lose myself in it, unawared of the real world around me. At the end of it, I drag myself back into the real world redeeming joy in the thoughts that I have to construct my own world of fiction.

A search for understanding of life fills my mind with constant questions. My purpose in this earth is driving me forward, pushing me on. I hope that one day I can understand life and know why things happen the way certain things happen. Guidance can only be provided by others to a certain extent before ourselves must take over and complete our own journey. The journey I must travel I have yet to reveal or maybe I am already walking the path, it is my purpose here that sparks my fire.

My third and by far my strongest passion is family, and more specifically my mother. I have mentioned family my strongest passion because they bring me joy, a joy that I would sacrifice my life for an hour of this greatness. I have mentioned it, next, because when Im with my family it removes the loneliness that I have at times. To this day my parents are divorced, but im more closer to my mother. When the divorce stuff was happening my father didn’t even really have a relationship with my brother...
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