3 Main Pros and Cons of Egan’s 3 Stage Approach

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3 main Pros and Cons of Egan’s 3 stage approach

Positive Pro’s to Egan’s Approach.

This model has fluidity, allowing the client to move freely in and out of the 3 stages as

required. There is nothing to restrict individuals from moving back to the 1st

stage, if they have already progressed onto the two or even three. It has adaptability

in its Questioning process, as in all clients are not compelled/required to answer all of

the 3 main Questions:

1. What is going on?

2. What do I do instead?

3. How might I get what I want?

I think any of the counselling theories may be applied whilst implementing this technique

and may be practised in a range of different helping relationships, but the model works best

when focusing its attention on Roger’s Core Conditions and the SOLER, which is an Acronym

that Egan himself developed for the intervention as follows:

S. If it suits them, face the client Squarely.

O. Maintain an Open Posture with the client.

L. lean towards the client.

E. Maintain appropriate Eye Contact.

R. Be a Relaxed helper as by doing so, you greatly improve the quality & Comfort of the sessions.

Both of these techniques make the model client focused, making the session open and honest

During stage 1, the listener uses a lot of the Core Conditions and Person

centred skills throughout. I think this is vital, as this is the problem stage where the client

tells their story to a congruent and attentive listener, thus providing the client

with a warm, safe and comforting atmosphere. The third positive that I like about this model is that it is

client/Goal focused. With the use of the Core Conditions, the client feels they are welcomed

and in the main focus throughout. During Stage three, where the Goals are put into action,

the Goals are specific to them, measurable, realistic and achievable (SMART Goals) Having these Goals in

place, benefits the client by having...
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