3 Main Difference in Management Culture Between the Us and China

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3 Main Difference in Management Culture Between The US and China

The article talks about as China and The United States’ partner relationship is becoming closer and closer, it is important to know the cultural difference between the two countries. Because cultural differences will decide or at least affect the way of people doing business or managing business between China and the United States. Three main differences in management culture between China and the United State, including “Responsibility and Accountability. Perception of Time, Collectivism vs. Individualism” * Responsibility and Accountability

* Perception of Time
* Collectivism vs. Individualism

If a Chinese employee didn’t get his task or work done, they will just keep working till the work are finished, or bring them back home. For most of the time, there is no extra pay or call-back-pay. Chinese managers prefer to assign group work for several people work together. But American managers prefer to assign a individual task for a certain people to finish it.

When doing business with Chinese, they like to build a relationship with their partners. Chinese people really prefer to treat their potential partners have a big dinner, or go to KTV, spending money making partners happy. This will make Chinese feel gaining their “face,” which is very important for Chinese people. And also because of the importance of “face”, Chinese people mostly speak indirectly, aiming at saving other people’s “face.” And Chinese employees usually work with a strong hierarchical structure; employees respect their supervisors a lot. In contrast, American people prefer to build short-term relationship and deal with their business quickly.

In the past years, China was known as collectivism, but now it has changed. More and more Chinese managers are focusing on manage their business in an individualism way. They assign different kind of work based on employees’ ability and capacity, rather than assign a...
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