3 Lasting Effects of the Dual Revolutions

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  • Published : April 8, 2008
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Three Main Effects of the Dual Revolutions
The French Revolution of 1789 and the Industrial revolution were important milestones on the timeline of world history. Many changes, radically new ideas, and progressive thinkers emerged from these essential revolutions that sparked a metamorphosis of Europe. The creation of liberalism, conservatism, and the extension of railroad lines are the lasting products of the Dual Revolutions that will echo in eternity. Liberalism is an important concept that was created during the French revolution in response to the maltreatment of the French government upon its people. A main concept of liberalism is to support change in society. We as human beings have the power to control our own destinies. Different circumstances call for different amounts of change. Sometimes the best course of action is to implement a large amount of change over a long period of time. Other times, in dire circumstances, the more radical approach of large change over a short period is needed to make a more drastic impact. Immediate abolition is sometimes the best choice. Immediately following the start of the French Revolution the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham became a large activist in support of the liberal movement. He had an urge for positive social engineering and proposed sophisticated plans in helping convicted criminals be rehabilitated instead of executed. Bentham soon joined the antislavery campaign of England. His liberal views and the motivation of the masses lead the British House of Lords to abolish slavery in England and all of its colonies. By doing this, Britain showed the world they can be a liberal nation because they gave all their citizens natural rights and supported drastic change within their society (Hunt 716).

A very liberal governmental concept that has been embraced by many nations is Laissez-faire. The term laissez-faire is French for leave alone, referring to the government’s interference with trade. It has been...
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