3 Keys in a Long Lasting Relationship

Topics: Virtue, Respect, Failure Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Robert Vargas
Brenda DiStefano
English 101
February 25, 2013

Three Keys for a Long Lasting Relationship

Have you ever wondered what was missing in your last relationship that caused its failure? As adults we are matured enough to understand that a relationship is not only based on lovely texts or movie dates, to make one last long we need much more that only that. A successful relationship must have equally divided the three portions of respect, patience, and communication. Without these three factors we are entitled to a complete failure in our love life. One who does not respect his or her partner does not entirely care about the others opinion. As a youngster I remembered my mother taking me to church with her every Sunday morning, we attended a Christian Pentecostal church. My father was raised as a Catholic, but that was no problem for him, he respected the fact my mother had other religious beliefs. Respect can be shown in any little aspect even when it comes down to music, food, and political parties. In my opinion no matter how cold hearted you are, when that right person comes, you will weaken up, tolerate and respect most of your partner’s different characteristics. Another main key to a wonderful relationship is the virtue of patience. Men, as long as a women may take to get changed, we must wait patiently she is just getting prettier to impress you. And women, as long as a man may take to propose to you with a ring you must wait, we are only planning the perfect moment and looking for the prettiest diamond to hand to you. Patience does not only come down to waiting. It is also a combination of our first priority respect, one must have patience in every single moment, if not we are only vulnerable to getting mad and in arguments for the simplest things. Even when discussing something that one does not like we must have patience, a relationship is a 50/50 combination and both must share what they feel. Last but not least, communication can...
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