3 Golden Rules of Marketing

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3.3 Solo Presentation:
Good evening, everyone. Welcome to my presentation. I’m Kari Kong, CEO of Matuszak Family Group. I’m going to share the 3 golden rules of marketing with you - the FOUNDATIONS of your BUSINESS SUCCESS. The presentation should (will) last for about 5 minutes. Please feel free to interrupt me if you have any questions. First of all, what is marketing? Simply stated, marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of (potential) customers. Alright, let’s start with the first rule - TEST and MEASURE every aspect of your Marketing. As you know, being outstanding at marketing is fairly straightforward – but so few businesses do it. You just need to continually test new marketing strategies on a small scale. It may be a new direct mail campaign, a new ad, a letter to your customers, an email, a new headline on your website, a two-week telephone campaign. You test small, then you measure the results. What did it cost? What revenue did it generate? If it was not profitable, you’ve learnt an important lesson and move on. If it was profitable, you roll it out and make it an integral (important) part of your marketing mix. (Marketing Mix - Customer Value, Cost, Convenience, Communications)

If you tested five new things every month and just one out of the five was successful. Then at the end of a year you would have twelve new proven marketing strategies to add to your mix. So testing and measuring all of your marketing is the first golden rule of Marketing. If you're going to be great at Marketing, you must, must test and measure everything. Let’s move on to the second rule - Add REAL VALUE to the lives of your customers. Outstanding business performers share a similar way of thinking about business. The highest purpose of their businesses is not just to make money or increase profits. The highest purpose of their businesses is to add real value to the lives of their customers.

We’re not talking about some vague...
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