3 General Orders

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Three General Orders
On June 21, 2011 Spc Brown and I were on CQ duty. 1SG, the SDO and the Platoon Sergeants conducted a walkthrough of the unit’s footprint. When they entered I was laid back at the desk watching a movie, on my phone and had my boots on the desk. I did not immediately stand up or yell “AT EASE” when she entered or exited the building. She also noticed that I wasn’t writing the log down correct and didn’t log Spc Brown out when he left for dinner chow. 1SG asked if I had read the memorandum and my 3 General Orders. I quickly responded “Negative 1Sg I do not.” Upon them leaving once again I didn’t render the proper “AT EASE” when she left the building. I was then order to study my General Orders and 1SG might stop by before pt that next morning. Upon that she asked me if I understood and acknowledges that I will come to her office either before or after Road Guard Duty and recite them back to her. After Road Guard Duty I went inside to use the bathroom and left to go take the supplies back to Regiment. The 3 General Orders are important and this essay will explain why.

The 3 General Orders are set guild lines/rules since Basic Training to teach Soldiers how to take charge of their duties and conduct them in a military manner. They were first drilled into Soldiers starting day 1 of Basic Training and expected to know on command whenever asked by Drill Sergeants, Noncommissioned Officers and/or Commanding officers. These orders are influential to many service members around the world to keep order and discipline among not just the Army but to other United States Armed Forces that serve alongside us. Failure to follow duty can result in various punitive actions against the service member. An Article 92 is failure to obey order or regulations. Article 92 is neglecting their performance of his/her duties and will be punished as a court-martial may direct. Many actions can be taken against the service member for disobeying a lawful from a commanding...
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