3 Explanatory Propositions

Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Premise Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Three  Explanatory  Propositions  
  If  you  have  not  read  the  following  reading  posted  to  the  Critical  Writing  Readings  folder  on  BlackBoard,   then  you  should  do  so  before  proceeding.   Explanatory  Reasoning     Analyze  the  assigned  readings  for  this  week.  Consider  the  following:   point,  position,  proposal,  conclusion?   What  seems  to  be  the  purpose  of  the  reading?  Is  to  argue  on  behalf  of  something,  explain   something,  confirm  something?  Solve  a  problem?  Call  an  idea  into  question?  Point  to  a  problem   heretofore  unnoticed?   evidence?   Consider  how  the  writer  opens  and  closes  the  text:  what  do  you  think  the  main  point  of  the   opening  is?  The  main  point  of  the  closing?   Look  at  the  overall  organization  of  the  text.  Can  you  break  it  into  chunks  or  blocks  of  reasoning?   What  is  the  main  point  of  each  of  the  chunks?   Evaluate  the  readings  in  terms  of  key  words.  Is  there  one  word  that  seems  central  to  the   meaning  of  the  text  or  to  its  argument?  How  does  the  writer  define  it?   Consider  a  passage  that  you  found  particularly  difficult  due  to  particular  terms  or  references   used,  or  complexity  of  sentence  construction.    You  might  consider  analyzing  and  looking  up   definitions  sufficiently  so  that  you  can  explain  it  to  your  colleagues not  unlikely  that  at  least  some  others  did,  as  well.    Make  sure  that  you  do  not  lapse  into  arguing   with,  or  critiquing,  the  writer.    Your  job  is  to  explain  something  related  to  the  text.      You  are  here   being  more  of  an  objective,  neutral  analyst,  not  a  critic  or  politician.       Having  analyzed  the  readings  in  this  fashion,  you  are  ready  to  explain  many  things  about  it.  From  this   analysis,  write  three  explanatory  propositions.  An  explanatory  proposition  sets  out...
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