3 Day Diet Analysis

Topics: Nutrition, Eating, Food Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: September 28, 2012
According to my three day diet analysis it seems like my eating habits are poor. Not necessarily that I am consuming too many bad foods but I am not getting the all around nutrients that I need on a daily basis. Sometimes not eating enough. Or ot finding time to eat at all is a big issue in this. Due to my job and the lack of time I have at home it is hard for me to get the nutrients I need on a daily basis. With the target that is shown of six oz. of grains two and a half cups of vegetables, two cups of fruits, two cups of dairy and five and a half oz. of protein foods I fell short in most of the areas that were targeted for me. My biggest two areas of consumption was refined grains and protein. I can modify my diet to best use the six classes of nutrients and the recommended servings for each food group by starting to add more food groups to my daily eating style. Due to the fact that I do not have enough time to get things together to eat logically and healthy maybe pre making food for the week so that I can take it with me will be a plus. Adding certain foods, even simple foods, to my diet will help. If in a rush you can simply have a bowl of cereal to achieve 2 different nutrients and keep your body moving. One of the things that I realized in the tracker is the activity your body endures or should endure throughout the day. Doing so will help burn certain calories if you had an intake that was over the target as well as just keep the body in shape. This part builds the energy to its optimum status. We can look at simple things as waking up earlier and sleeping earlier as being ways to fit this in our schedule or to help with the energy factor. Believe it or not our sleep and exercise patterns will help with the nutrition portion as well. Working out more whether going to the gym or just home exercise will keep the body moving to a pace where the body can work at its maximum potential. Realizing that certain things that I did the past...
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