3 Causes of Wwii

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: September 23, 2008
3 Causes of WWII
WWII was one of the most terrifying wars that shocked the world in 1939-1945. The world wondered what caused this giant mishap of violence. One cause of WWII was the unfairness of the Treaty of Versailles. Another cause was the uprising of Totalitarian Leaders. One final cause was the League of Nations not doing anything to prevent this war. In 1919, the world saw the end of WWI. A treaty was made for this end called, “Treaty of Versailles”. This treaty made Germany pay massive reparation. Italy was promised that at the end of WWI, they would get Austria-Hungary lands that were part of Italy. Italy never got any land resulting from the, “Treaty of Versailles”. Japan didn’t even get any land claims in China, resulting from this treaty. Russia lost land and was not invited to any peace meetings. After the Stock Market Crash in the United States, much of Europe was in the Great Depression. Totalitarian Leaders stepped up to bring their countries back to their fame and glory during this depression. Japan’s totalitarian leader was Tojo Hideki, while the Emperor at the time was Hirohito. Hirohito and Hideki wanted to restore Japan’s glory as a massive empire. In Italy, Benito Mussolini was the totalitarian leader. Mussolini wanted to make Italy into its once powerful Roman Empire. In Russia, Joseph Stalin was the totalitarian leader. Stalin wanted everyone to support Socialism. Finally in Germany, Adolf Hitler was the totalitarian leader. Adolf Hitler’s ultimate goal was to spread the Third Reich all over the globe, and to create a master race of pure Aryan blood. After WWI, the League of Nations was created to stop war from happening ever again. The League of Nations was not very powerful without the United States with them. They have failed to take any action on Germany annexing multiple countries before the Invasion of Poland 1939. The League of Nations appeased and underestimated the might of the Third Reich. It is the Invasion of Poland that...
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