3.1 How Promoting Equality and Inclusion Reduces the Likelihood of Discrimination

Inclusion (education), Children Act 1989, Children's rights

One of the ways to avoid discrimination in the children setting will be promoting equality and inclusion. •Practitioner should give children the same equal opportunities which means that everyone is the same and should be treated equally. That means there would be no reason to discriminate anyone or find a difference if everyone is the same in terms of having the same rights and there will be no difference. Based on Children Act 1989 (Apendix2) children need to be treated equally but considering their diversity as an individuals. Practitioners should take into account that children develop differently one form another and the activities they do in the nursery should be adapted individually to each child’s needs, so they will have an opportunity access all the resources and develop through them. Some children need more attention than others. Giving the same amount of attention to every child would be very unreasonable as this proceeding will not meet all their individual needs. There are many ways of promoting equality in the nursery setting: -Positive images , displays , books of people from different cultures, race and disabilities, females doing males activities and other way round, having different skin colour tone of dolls, -Doing activities which promotes diversity and equality for example celebrating different festivals, dressing up acts where children can try different kind of outfits which represents different cultures, singing rhymes, songs in a different languages, reading stories about different countries, bringing some objects from home specific for each culture for show and tell activity, make a flags and maps and show children which country they come from and show them on the map, making musical instruments which represents different countries and after that encourage children to dance to the different type of music, making leaflet to the parents about for example different festivals and different cultures traditions, making a display or...
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