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Topics: Zygosity, Finger, Hair Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Survey at least 20 people to find out what traits they have for each of the features below. Tally the numbers for each trait and record those totals in each column. When completing the survey, be sure to include yourself as one of the individuals surveyed. Also include at least one set of parents and offspring in the individuals you survey. Document the features of each member of the family you surveyed within the data table, but also make a special note of these features in the observation section of your report. This information will be important when writing your conclusion. Feature| Trait| Total| Trait| Total|

Earlobes| Free Earlobes|  12| Attached Earlobes|  8| Hair on knuckles| Hair present between second and third knuckle of fingers|  6| No hair present between second and third knuckle of fingers|  14| Hair Line (widow’s peak vs. straight hair line)| Widow’s peak|  5| Straight hair line| 15| Hair texture| Curly hair (count wavy hair as curly)|  17| Straight hair|  3| Chin shape (no cleft chin vs. cleft chin)| Cleft chin|  2| No cleft chin| 18| Observations: 

Record the traits of each member of the family (parents and offspring) that you surveyed. Add more rows to the table for additional offspring as needed. Family Member| Earlobes| Hair on Knuckles| Hair Line| Hair Texture| Chin Shape| Father|  Free| Hair present| Widows peak| Curly|  No cleft chin| Mother|  Attached| No hair| Widows peak| Curly| No cleft chin| Offspring 1| Free| Hair present| Straight line| Straight hair| No cleft chin| Calculations:

Calculate the percentages for each trait in your total sample and list those percentages in this section of your assignment. Example calculation:  (12 people with widow’s peaks ÷ 20 total people) × 100 = 60% widow’s peaks Feature| Trait| Calculated Percentage| Trait| Calculated Percentage| Earlobes| Free Earlobes|  60%| Attached Earlobes|  40%| Hair on knuckles| Hair present...
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