3.03 Managing Stress.

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At one point in your life you’re going to come across being stressed and I’m warning you now, it’s not going to be pretty. Stress can be both Physical and Mental and if not treated properly can it can also be very dangerous to yourself and the people around us. Whether you’re feeling stressed due to physical appearance, work/school, the people around us, etc. There are safe ways to deal with your stress. If you’re feeling like you’re at your boiling point then stop what you’re doing and take a deep relaxed breathe, exercise your stress out, or simply just take a break.

When you’re stressed, it’s like your body becomes filled with all these mixed feelings and you may sometimes forget to just BREATHE. Taking a deep relaxed breathe may just be exactly what you need. You need to lie down on your bed and move your feet apart. Then put one hand on your chest and another on your abdomen, Inhale slowly and feel your hand rise with every breathe. This is optional but if you want you can find some relaxing music while doing these exercises, I felt like the music helped me a lot.

Stress can most likely lead to anxiety which can lead to overeating and that will just cause more stress. Instead of overeating why not exercise your stress out? You’ll be surprised how much running in nice weather feels so relaxing. It’s not just exercising; eating healthy can also be another stress reliever. Don’t pig-out on fast food, make a salad instead. Not only will you be relaxed but with all that exercising and eating healthy you’ll look great! I especially love sweating out my stress and losing a few couple of pounds with it.

Sometimes we look for stressful situations without even knowing it. For example, if you volunteered to send out your sister’s wedding invitations why would you accept the job of making the cake too? That was probably a bad example, but my point is that try not to end up in stressful situations and if you feel like you can’t handle everything on your plate then...
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