2pac Bio

Topics: Tupac Shakur, Black Panther Party, Black Power Pages: 6 (2242 words) Published: April 8, 2013
2Pac Biography
By: Adel Mohammed Fakhry

He ain’t that type of rapper; he aint that type of an actor, he ain’t that type of fame explorer, but he is that type of a legend, precisely a revolutionary legend. His music didn’t end up on just rhyming lyrics and mind blowing beat, but a message; to black people, to the world, to the whole universe, and the coming generations. This man had this dream, of spreading justice, equality, freedom, but government stood in his way, racists too. Trying to suppress the minority (black people), from revolting against the government that had the main role in deceiving the Americans from what is true and obvious actually. This legend was a son of a Black Panther Party members (Generally black people seeking power for their race, and trying to establish in a racist community, and help stop police brutality against black males and females), this legend is 2PAC (Tupac Amaru Shakur 1971-1996).

Tupac had two fathers a Black Panther father Billy Garland (his real father) and a stepfather Mutulu Shakur. Billy took care of tupac for 5 years until he was married that was when Billy and his wife left the panther’s party and he lost contact with his son till Tupac first time shoot by 5 bullets. After billy left his wife(Afeni), Afeni got married to Mutulu Shakur.

Tupac mother’s name is Alice Faye Williams (later called Afeni Shakur), she was one of the leaders of The Black Panther Party, and she joined it in 1968. she was a revolutionist who used to defend the black people. In the Black Panther party she organized community improvement programs. On 1969 she was arrested and jailed for 11 months accused by trying to conspire on the American government. She was asked to pay 100,000 bail to be freed but later they decided to cancel it due to fear of flight and she returned to prison pregnant with her child tupac. Tupac relation with his mother when she was in the Black Panther party was not that strong, as his mother was busy worrying about the party affairs. After leaving the black panther she started smoking cocaine, as she felt so much stress and not comfortable and she kept moving from country to country trying to find peace. In 1990 after a long time addiction she got a wakeup call from someone saying that her son Tupac appeared on stage in Arsenio Hall Show. After she heard that, she decided to leave cocaine and as soon as she left her addiction a strong relationship between her and her son was ignited.

As a child, 2pac was living in a ghetto with a struggling family hearing gun shots was too normal, beyond normal. Not hearing gun shots was unusual, but that peace he was unable to describe comforted him, and made him think of that day where peace will be all around the ghetto. 2pac travelled in America a lot when he was a child as his mother was trying to find peace. One of the important stations that he passed by and formed his personality and his mind is Baltimore. 2pac joined Baltimore school for arts. While he was there, he studied Shakespeare novels and he fell in love with it. He learned ballet dancing. He then later discovered rap, and made his first song “MC New York”. He stated before “Everybody’s past is what made their future” 2pac were sure that if his childhood weren’t like that he would have grown to be a very ordinary man with no choices, no future, and no life. So his father (Billy) had the same thought in an interview. As he was questioned “He came from an authentic background. Was that was such a huge factor for his fans?” his father replies “Yes, he did. Very political. They always say he came from a Panther. No, he came from two Black Panthers. You have to understand that. And that contributes a lot to that. So I didn’t mind it. I knew he was living his life. He wasn’t even out a year. Got out in [October], got killed in September. He was living his life, feeling good about himself, feeling like a star.”

During the time Tupac lived, he was concerned with his black...
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