2nd Term Inauguration Speeches: Regean vs. Obama

Topics: President of the United States, Difference, Soviet Union Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: March 11, 2013
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Right off the bat you can see some of the similarities between Obama and Regean’s speeches. The first of these similarities is how they address their colleagues in the beginning. In the body of their speech they both talk about freedom for all and peace. Another common theme of both of the speeches are how they are not tied down to a particular party, the birthrights of Americans, and the benefits of entrepreneurship. The differences start to show when Regean gets into specifics on national security. Obama did not really get too into what exactly he was going to do about national security during his term but instead used literary devices to get across the main idea of his plan. Regean, on the other hand, spend a whole page describing his plan for keeping peace with the Soviet Union. Both presidents had different ideas for national security, but as for social change, they seem to share some common ground. They both express how they wish for everyone to be treated equally. For Obama, this was for equal treatment of homosexual Americans instead of equal treatment of people of different races, as it was for Regean, but the idea is the same as it was back then. One last difference that was present for the entire speech was the way they spoke. Regean spoke in a very clear and direct way that made the speech sound more wooden and like it was written by a committee rather than a person. Obama’s speech said everything in a roundabout way and made use of broad statements and literary devices. Both speeches were very different in their own right, but a presidential inauguration speech can only be so different.
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