2nd Presidential Debate 2008

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2nd Presidential Debate 2008

By | November 2008
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This debate was different from any of the former ones, for it applied the town-hall format. I like it because in this way the presidential candidates got the opportunity to have extended interaction with ordinary people. The questioners were all undecided voters, so their questions seemed more specific and cynical. Those cynical questions were challenging, but they actually helped the public get to know both candidates more. Most people predicted that the town-hall format would favor Mccain, for Mccain is pretty familiar and comfortable with this format while Obama is more likely to be a better speaker when faced with crowd. However, the reality seemed to be the reverse. Obama was confident, eloquent, and energetic in the debate, but Mccain looked old and cranky in his stiff movement when he walked around the stage. The contrast was sharp. That is why I consider the town-hall format disadvantaged Mccain.

I was disappointed at the 1st Presidential Debate, but the 2nd Presidential Debate on Thursday night was even worse. Throughout the debate, Obama was trying hard to label Mccain as Bush’s follower whose policy lead to the destructive economic crisis, while Mccain kept painting Obama as a young man who wants to increase the expense. The first hour of the debate was all about the economic crisis, which American care most today. But most of the time, I felt like they were just going back-and-forth and repeating the same sentences they mentioned in the 1st debate. It was annoying because as the Election Day approaches, the public is getting increasingly eager to know the Presidential candidates’ thoughts and plans, but they did not do that enough.

Though mostly they were repeating the same thing again and again, they brought three new things in this debate. Both Obama and Mccain raised an appealing plan. Obama prioritize the energy plan as the urgentest one, and he made a good point that “the energy plan is both a challenge and an opportunity.” I guess this will...

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