2nd Periodical Test for Grade 2


NAME: _______________________________________DATE: _________________

I. DIRECTION: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. What is the synonym of the word happy?
a. sadb. gayc. lonely
2. Choose the opposite meaning of the word clean.
a. neatb. tidyc. tardy
3 – 4 Read the story carefully.
Micah likes to eat candies. She likes chocolates very much. Everyday she buys candies from her money. One night she was crying. Her tooth was aching. What happened before Micah cried?
a. She lost her money.
b. She ate too much chocolate.
c. She likes candies.
What happened after Micah ate too much chocolates and candies? a. She has toothache.
b. She has stomach-ache.
c. She went to sleep.
5. What is the short form of the word doctor?
a. doc.b. dr.c. dctr.
6. Wednesday in short form is _____________.
a. Weds.b. Wednes.c. Wed.
7. What is the abbreviated form of the word August?
a. Aug.b. Augst. c. Agst.
8.a. That is a ball.
b. This is a ball.
c. These are balls.
9. A boy is pointing an airplane. He says, _______________
a. This is an airplane.
b. That is an airplane.
c. These are airplanes.
10. The boy says, ____________ are trees
a. This b. These c. Those
11. Luisa holding a basket of apples. _____________ are apples.
a. Thisb. Thesec. Those
12. Which answer the question who?
a. house b. teacherc. ball
13. Which is a name of place?
a. flowerb. school c. ball
II. 14. Rewrite the sentence using capital letter where needed.
My favorite subject is mathematics.
___________________________________________________________. 15. Read and follow the direction correctly.
Draw a rectangle; Write your name inside it.

Give the plural forms of the following nouns.
16. room - _______________ 20. bus - ____________________ 17....
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