2nd Axial Age

Topics: Meaning of life, Society, Belief Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Axial Age Summary
The Axial Age was a turning point in technology, the economy, religion, and socially. In this time, famous philosophers started challenging the current ways of thinking. They asked questions such as: What is justice? What is beauty? What is virtue? What is knowledge? What is the meaning of life? Etc. This started a crisis in belief and thought. Technology was advancing by the development of new tools and materials such as iron. Religion was greatly influenced because many of the philosophers were promoting monotheism and many citizens were for the belief of many gods. Economy developed from the start of a vertical society and also the start of ownership. Also, people didn’t know how to react at first to the changes but as time progressed we adapted these ideologies. The Axial Age was a major turning point in ideologies but many ask did are we in a second axial age now or is the axial age still present. Claim

I believe that we are still in the same Axial Age we have been in. I believe this for many reasons one being that we are always developing new ideas and we are never stopping or hopefully going to stop. My belief is that Axial Age back then, is the same Axial Age we are currently in now.

1. I believe this because I believe there has been no stop to this development of technology and ideologies. I believe that the Axial Age was just the start of all of this and we hopefully will never stop developing the beliefs. 2. We are still in that Axial Age now because we are also currently developing technology daily and experimenting to find the answers of these early asked questions. Most of the information you know now is almost fully going to change in the next year or two. Isn’t that enough to change your views and ways of thinking? Evidence

1. Almost 60% of the information you know now will change in the next 3 years. 2. How would we have gotten to where we are today without the adaption of ideologies...
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