28 Days Analysis

Topics: Personal life, Family, Disease model of addiction Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Shelby DiRoma
ACD 140
Professor Wilson
28 Days
In the beginning of this movie Gwen is depicted as a “party girl”. She lived an inconsistent, unorganized and unidirectional life. She was impulsive and inconsiderate of the people in her life. This can be true for most people suffer with an addiction. Gwen’s use was not restricted to her night life it was a fixed part of her daily life. She was abusing not only alcohol but prescription pills also.

Gwen’s use most likely derived from her mother’s use when she was a child. This is correspondent with the family model we reviewed in class. In this model addiction is incorporated in every aspect of family life. It is believed that addiction is a family disease. Thus Gwen’s mother’s use was most likely the cause of her use as an adult. Growing up in the dysfunctional environment created by her mother influenced her development. This in turn created this idea that fun equaled use.

As a result of Gwen’s uncontrollable actions and subsequent addiction she was court ordered to rehab. For Gwen rehab was a comical feel good program that could not be taken seriously. At one point in the movie she described it as a 12 step Mr. Rogers’ geek fest. Her idea of rehab was framed by her inability to relate to the idea of a sober lifestyle. For Gwen being sober was no fun. There were numerous flashbacks shown in the movie of Gwen’s childhood memories of incidents with her mother. Her mother’s constant review of what she believed to be the correct view of life and what it meant to have a good one was etched in Gwen’s psyche. Among the visible environment as a child, Gwen never developed any means of communication. Her relationship with her older sister was never healthy as she was also struggling with their mother’s addiction. Even after their mothers death Gwen and her sister never developed a healthy relationship. Gwen’s lack of communication skills as a child was carried to adulthood and impacted her adult...
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