25th Jan Revolution

Topics: Egypt, Egyptians, Hosni Mubarak Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: May 13, 2011
After thirty years of cruel and unfair power, Hosni Mubarak was deposed and the political system was changed by a peacefully revolution. the Egyptian Youth made a revoluation that will change the path of history. the Egyptians are not the same any more. At this moment, everyone speaks about politics and has his own opinion. And of course, the events of Tunisia have a lead role in the impact on the Egyptian youth, because they felt that there is hope, and the change is possible. Now, it's over for the Mubarak regime.

Egypt has been suffering from a great decline in every department of human needs. poverty grown worse, people become more exhausted and frustrated by their increasing needs and social injustice. the Bad regime and the Egyptians’ thirst for democracy and legally elections were The primary reasons, which led to this revoluation . No one in Egypt is fooled by the elections that have taken place during Mubarak’s regime. Bribes are in everywhere; if you want accomplish anything, to get any government document, permit, licence, or even paying a simple monthly bill, it will take hours and you have to pay bribes. This regime has run a brutal police state. there were a Tight internet controls, kidnappings, and police beatings.

The situation in Egypt began with invitation to the day of rage against Mubarak regime on January 25th. No one expected an invitation to the day of rage from a group on the Facebook page, called “we are all Khalid Said” can change everything in Egypt. Khalid said was an Egyptian youth who had been beaten to death by Mubarak police in Alexandria. His death became the match that set the fire of Our Revolution. I decided to go down the streets with my brother because we felt a great sense of internal suppression, there was an opportunity for us to express what is inside, we were affected by the corruption that fills the country, we felt it a duty to do something for our country. In Tahrir square, All people felt as one...
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