25th Hour Movie Report

Topics: Time, Present, Past Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: May 9, 2011
25th Hour

The movie takes place in New York City where we get to follow the main character Monty Brogan. It all starts with a scene in which Monty and his companion Kostya saves an abandoned and hurt dog. The dog survives and follows him throughout the film as ”Doyle”. The film then cuts to present time where Monty meets an old friend now working as a teacher in their old school, at this point we hear about ”the party” when Monty invites this friend called Jacob Elinsky. Through a serie of flashbacks we get to know his past as a drug dealer and that D.E.A busted him during a razzia in his own apartment. He was sentenced to serve 7 years in the Otisville prison, and this was his last day before having to turn himself in. At this point he spends his time trying to find out who set him up, only two persons knew where he kept the money and the drugs (In the sofa). Those two were his girlfriend Naturelle and Kostya, his partner. At first he’s very suspicious about Naturelle as she didn’t have any physical assets tied to the business and the drugs, Kostya on the other hand was his companion and was a part of the dealing. Somewhere around here we get to know Frank Slattery, a successful bond trader and Monty’s oldest and best friend. Frank and Jacob meets up in Franks apartment overlooking Ground Zero before heading to a bar to join up with Naturelle and Monty for their last night together for 7 years. Outside the club Jacob runs in to one of his under age students whom Monty invites to the party. While in the club a serie of events happens, Jacob makes out with his student, Frank promises Monty that they’ll open a bar together when he gets out, Frank confronts Naturelle with his thoughts about her being the one who sold Monty out. While all this is happening, Monty and his companion Kostya pays a visit to Uncle Nikolai, a Russian mobster. Nikolai gives Monty some tips how to survive prison, and then reveals that Kostya sold him out and then kills him....
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