25 Virtues

Topics: Virtue, Trustworthiness, Integrity Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: October 1, 2012
25 virtues
1.) I believe that compassion is rated very highly and everyone should have it. 2.) I am painfully honest and will say what’s on my mind, whether it’s nice or mean. 3.) I believe I am a pretty civil person most of the time, so I believe I have this virtue. 4.) I am not a punctual person, I try to be there when it’s important but I am not all the time. I believe it is a lowly rated virtue. 5.) I try my hardest to be responsible seeing as I’m here at college I think that makes me at least a little responsible. 6.) I try to live my life with high integrity but like most people I fall victim to hypocrisy a lot of the time. 7.) I believe I am a very loyal person and I think just about everyone should have this virtue, if you’re going to be someone’s friend or date them you should definitely be loyal and devoted to them. 8.) I believe I am a very trustworthy person seeing as I am pretty loyal and have a decent idea of responsibility but I also believe this to be a moral value not just a virtue. 9.) Respect, I try to have some respect for everyone even if they really don’t deserve it, I mean if they didn’t do anything to lose my respect then they should have it right? 10.} I’m not sure if I’m humble or not but I try to have at least some humility but more or less I just come off cocky, and arrogant. 11.) I believe dedication is the same as loyalty and that you should definitely have it if you are going to be with someone. 12.) Patience is a virtue is something I been told even as a small child, but is it one of the important ones? I believe it is I mean all good things come in time. I spent 19 years looking for my current girlfriend that’s 19 years of patience looking for the right one so yeah I believe patience is a great virtue. 13.) Honor is a virtue I hold highly. I am an SCA fencer we pride ourselves here at Silva Vulcani as very honorable and chivalrous people. 14.) I try to be a kind person, but I am much kinder to my...
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