24 Hour Health Clinic

Topics: Sherman Antitrust Act, Clayton Antitrust Act, Cartel Pages: 5 (1413 words) Published: April 21, 2013
“The key to a successful domestic and international entrepreneurship is to develop an idea that has a market with a need for the product or service idea conceived”, (Hisrich, Peters, Shepherd, 2010, p.128). Starting a business is a great adventure that should not be entered into lightly. One decision has to be made up front is whether or not the business has the potential to survive in a domestic or international setting. The 24 hour clinic may have the prospective to survive in either market or possibly both.

Criteria Used to Decide
There are several criteria that would contribute to the decision on whether or not to open the 24 hour clinic in an international market. The language barrier, stage of development and culture are things that will create an issue. If each can be addressed and resolved the possibility of international success is immense.

First, one should attempt to find a trustworthy translator. When making arrangements to purchase land or supplies in an international market, there would need to be someone on staff who thoroughly understands both English and the native language of the country one plans to establish business. “Care should be taken to hire a translator whose native tongue is the target language and whose expertise matches that of the original authors”, (Hisrich, Peters, Shepherd, 2010, p.137). The interpreter would have to be the bridge between the business and the people involved with the set up of business contracts and arrangements. Also, the language barrier would present an issue for the physicians and nursing staff. An entrepreneur planning to venture into an international 24 hour health care clinic would have to consider hiring native nursing staff and physicians as opposed to relocating bilingual clinical staff from the United States.

The stage of development of the country that the entrepreneur is looking to pursue is another obstacle that has to be researched. While in the United States it is often taken for granted the items that one has readily available, but when planning to start a business in a foreign country one needs to know if things like “roads, electricity, communication systems, banking facilities and systems, adequate educational systems, a well-developed legal systems, and established business and ethics norms”, (Hisrich, Peters, Shepherd, 2010, p.134), are in place. In a medical practice, proper hand washing is essential to appropriate patient care. If venturing into a country that has yet to establish running water and indoor plumbing, this could pose a problem. This is something that an entrepreneur should be aware of when making a decision to take the business international.

Finally, the cultural differences of the target country may cause issues with the development of a healthcare facility. Culture is a series of behaviors that are learned and tend to create the identity of a society. “Culture encompasses a wide variety of elements, including language, social structure, religion, political philosophy, economic philosophy, education, and manners and customs”, (Hisrich, Peters, Shepherd, 2010, p.138). These are all elements that will directly impact the establishment of a healthcare facility. There are cultures that do not agree with certain areas of healthcare such as birth control and medical intervention in birth process. These are things that need to be researched, recognized, and understood before practicing medicine. In addition, there may be numerous medical procedures and practices that are culturally accepted, but not a familiar practice to the entrepreneur and his or her staff. Knowing and understanding cultural differences is imperative in the establishment of an international business.

Taking a healthcare facility international creates a lot of possible legal transactions to occur. One will need to be aware of the laws that could possibly pose issues. International Drug Control Acts and the Sherman Antitrust and Clayton...
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