24 Hour Fitness

Topics: Exercise, Physical exercise, Muscle Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: April 22, 2009
My first steps into the new 24 Hour Fitness facility were by far the most intimidating. As my eyes scanned over the massive room, my legs began to shake and my nose filled with the smell of sweat. I began to ask myself, “What am I doing here?” but instead, I walked forward trying to leave my fears of uncertainty behind. I felt extremely uncomfortable, not quiet sure if I was using the machines correctly, wondering if people were staring at me. The sense of indecision slowed me down, even keeping me from trying new machines, not wanting to risk making a foolish error. After about 40 minutes, I called it a success and left. Soon school began and I would find more and more excuses not to go to the gym. As I noticed very little results in physical strength or appearance, I became less willing to keep going, until I stopped completely.It took another year for me to get back into the routine, but this time it changed my life. The first major step I took was setting out a basic program that I would have to follow. It listed specific workout times, meal times, and even set workouts. As I started to go at set times, I noticed the same people at the gym day after day. They began to notice me as well, correcting me on some exercises, and even teaching me new exercises for each muscle group. This is the moment when I really noticed myself fitting in. As my preparation and intensity grew, so did my knowledge in certain muscle groups. I went from working out unsystematically to an organized workout where I could train and focus on two muscle groups every day, one major and one minor. I hit quadriceps/triceps on Monday, traps/back on Tuesday [this paragraph continues with detailed and technical information]…I also became fluent in the language and terms used at the gym. Each exercise would be divided into sets, then reps (or repetitions). There are usually ten reps in a set; a typical workout requires three or four sets. The more sets and reps you perform, the more endurance...
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