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What’s changed

52 N52
Hillsborough Crookes Broomhill Sheffield Darnall Handsworth Woodhouse Mill Woodhouse From 28/10/2012

From Sunday 28 October 2012 changes will be made to the times of First and Stagecoach journeys on service 52 and to the times and route of service N52. Service N52 will operate hourly principally between West Street and Woodhouse only. Service N52 operates in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings only. It is operated by Stagecoach and special night fares will apply. From October 2012, improvements to roads across Sheffield will be taking place, as part of the Streets Ahead project. This may cause some disruption to bus services. For the latest information about which services will be affected and when, please visit travelsouthyorkshire.com/streetsahead 24 hour clock Throughout South Yorkshire our timetables use the 24 hour clock to avoid confusion between am and pm times. For example: 9.00am is shown as 0900 2.15pm is shown as 1415 10.25pm is shown as 2225

Full Timetable

Also serves:

Weston Park Hospital Sheffield Children’s Hospital University of Sheffield Dore House Industrial Estate Also available online at travelsouthyorkshire.com
Operated by:

24 hour times 12 hour times

We aim to provide information which is as accurate as possible. We cannot accept responsibility for errors, or for any service that does not operate to the times shown.

52 Summer Variations
During the Summer school holidays, service 52 will operate a different Monday to Friday daytime timetable to that shown in this leaflet. During Monday to Friday daytime journeys will operate every 5 minutes instead of every 4 minutes as shown.


Stopping points for service 52 (First)
Ripley Street Lower Walkley Walkley Lane Walkley Walkley Road Hillsborough , Langsett Road Crookes Heavygate Avenue Northfield Road Crookes Road Broomhill Whitham Road Western Bank Gell Street Glossop Road West Street Leopold...
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