234 Sentencing

Topics: Prison, Punishment, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: May 29, 2011
234 Sentencing
May 23, 2011


Thinking about the issue of punishment gives rise to a number of questions, the most fundamental of which is, why should offenders be punished? And what are the objectives for the punishment. Some of the objectives are deterrence, retribution, restitution, rehabilitation, and the reason for such punishment. Deterrence is most effective at stopping crime that is planned or premeditated. Sometimes the goal is to deter the individual from repeating the behavior; other times it is to deter others from engaging in a similar behavior.  An “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” punishment applied with the belief that offenders should suffer similarly to their victims this is the retribution punishment. Restitution is applied with the belief that offenders should repay their victim’s loss in money or services. The offenders should pay back to the victim for crimes that he has made to change a person life. He has to see that he cannot get away with committing crimes. Rehabilitation is used more frequently with juveniles; it is applied with the hopes of helping the person resolve his disorder or disease that may contribute to crime. The punishment is their so that the person can choose more of a better life in which he decides to live, or he may choose a better path. The concept of punishment has been theorized by moral philosophers, social theorists, and criminologists, When a court imposes a punishment on an offender, it often tries to balance the sorts of reasons for punishment noted earlier, but sometimes certain purposes of punishment dominate other purposes The third perspective on punishment is offered by criminologists and policy makers, who focus on penalties for offenses and policy concerns relevant to the punishment of offenders. There are differences in the state and federal punishments laws of punishment such as with the federal laws the penalties and range from long or short prison...
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