21st Century - Teams

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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21st Century Teams
What does superior motivation, coordination, problem-solving, and better decision making all have in common? The answer is teams. Though, performances like these do come at a price. According to T. E. Harris & J. C. Sherblom many people believe teams slow the decision making process (2009). Also, the maturation of teams into effective entities can be even slower. Training can take months and can cost companies millions. However, the advantages of teams far outweigh any disadvantages, or do they?

The author has experienced a vast range of teamwork opportunities within his professional, personal, and educational paths. Though many of those opportunities have been positive and exciting, not all of them have been positive for the author. During the authors first year at the University of Phoenix he realized not all teams are created equal. After having worked with several different classmates the author learned not all people learn the same way or at the same pace. The author learned teams must establish ground rules and completion dates for each individual activity. By creating such rules teams will set themselves up for success and not failure. The author learned by having due dates each team member will be less likely to procrastinate or hold the rest of the team back.

If used correctly, teams can be very effective within the workplace, education, athletics, or arts. According to V. L. Parker, each day more companies are moving from the traditional hierarchy management and towards a team-based management workplace (2005). This style of management allows everyone within the organization to have input on how the company is doing. Traditionally management would conduct meetings and listen to other managers and not receive any advice or input from other work personnel. Team-based management used by most companies today increases motivation, enhances communication and collaboration, solves problems, and redefines traditional management...
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