21st Century Problems: Deforestation

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  • Published : April 30, 2011
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21st Century Problems: Deforestation

Senator Bill Brady stated, “Every time I have some moment on seashore, or in the mountains, or sometimes in a quiet forest, I think this is why the environment has to be preserved,” but unfortunately in our vast society, the environment is having a hard time finding a place in our competitive resource era. Acres of forest are being mowed down by companies to feed their ever growing corporate empires and without being conscious about the problem that leads humanity in a devastating predicament. Our environment is our life source, the trees, water, and to the animals is a huge part of our life source; we are too involved in our materialistic ways, with the wants and our needs. The problem concerning most of us is our inability to stop and question how we are getting our needs or wants met; we don’t think about the questions or issues, because some people just feel more comfortable hiding behind their wants and needs. Corporations buy up properties in other countries; tear down miles of land where there are animals and destroy their only habitat. Eventually, these animals die off, because they have nowhere else to go. We need to examine that our lifestyle is killing our environment and in turn will lead us to the destruction of ourselves. We are pushing mankind to the brink of suicide.

There are various effects of deforestation, such as, erosion of soil, disruption of the water cycle, loss of biodiversity, spreading of diseases, and climate change. After the corporate mongers have cleared the forests, this action results in exposing the soil to the sun, making it very dry and eventually, infertile, due to volatile nutrients such as nitrogen being depleted. To also add to another existing problem, when there is rainfall, it washes away the rest of the nutrients, which usually flows with the rainwater into waterways. With all of this, replanting trees may not help in creating a resolution against deforestation, by the time...
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