21st Century and Music

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What inspires me
Growing up with no parents to look up to, leaving my family when mostly needing them at a young age, and being an only child, my inspirations were very limited. Ignoring my problems I found my inspiration. Music reached me, it soothed my wounds and helping me put my past where it should be, behind me. Growing up constantly listening to music taught me something. Music effected not just me, but everyone. It effected people by changing them with how we all talk, dress, and act, and now music is revolutionizing the world.

Losing my parents at an early age was a huge toll on my social life. Nothing was the same to me, I began to think there was nothing more to life, with no one to look up to, and love as much as I loved them. Music helped me threw my hardships, music supported me and soothed the wounds after losing my parents. Beginning to listen to similar music that my parents listened to made me feel like they never fully left me. Missing my parents everyday, living everyday wondering what my life would be with them. Listening to music, and relating to them brings back the little to no memories of them, and helps me have an image of who they really were and keeping that special place in my heart for them.

My whole childhood consisted of me living in the suburbs, Queens NY with all of my family living no more then five minutes away. Moving a month after my fathers death to long island at the age of seven was the biggest impact on my life at the moment. Being far away from the people I love and losing the people I love, made me feel very alone and left out. To push me and strive for something to fill the open spaces in my heart. Music reached me and made me so happy by helping me put everything behind me.

Growing up an only child pushed me to do better for my self. To push my self to meet others. Being surrounded by others with similar interests such as music. Growing up alone, and having Varity of friends taught me how others grew by the...
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