21st Centuray Skills

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What are 21st Century Skills?
“21st Century Literacy Skills” is a term that is used a lot these days. What does it mean? There are 3 main organizations that have defined 21st Century Literacy. All three definitions point to the same goal: that being ICT literate (Information and Communication Technology Literacy) is much more than just having good technology skills. It is learning core subjects with application of these learning skills and communication tools.

| | | | | | | |Learning for the 21st Century which is designed to articulate a vision for learning in the 21st Century, provides guides for creating| | |a framework for action is prepared by Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Their definition of six key elements for fostering 21st | |.|century learning is excerpted and adapted from Learning for the 21st Century | | |Emphasize core subjects | | |Emphasize learning skills | | |Information and communications skills Examples: Using communication, information processing, and research tools (such as word | | |processing, e-mail, groupware, presentation software, and the Internet) to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create, and | | |communicate information). These skills include information and media literacy skills. | | |Thinking and problem-solving skills Examples: Using problem-solving tools (such as spreadsheets, decision support, and design tools) | | |to manage complexity, solve problems, and think critically, creatively, and systematically. | | |Interpersonal and self-directional skills Examples: Using personal development and productivity tools (such as e-learning, time | | |managers, and collaboration tools) to enhance productivity and personal development. These skills include accountability and | | |adaptability skillsUse 21st Century tools to develop learning skills | | |Use digital technology and communication tools to access, manage, integrate and evaluate information; Construct new knowledge; | | |Communicate with others effectively. Examples: Using 21st Century tools (such as word processing, e-mail, presentation software, the | | |Internet, spreadsheets, decision support programs, design tools, e-learning, time management programs, and collaboration tools) | | |combined with learning skills in core subjects equals 21st Century Skills (ICT Literacy)Teach and learn in a 21st century context. | | |Learn academic content through real-world examples; Learning must expand beyond the four classroom wallsTeach and learn 21st century | | |content(3 emerging content areas) Global awareness Financial, economic and business literacy, and Civic literacy.Use 21st Century | | |Assessments that measure 21st Century Skills High quality standardized tests Classroom assessments for teaching and learning |

Tips on Becoming a Teacher
Dr. R. J. Kizlik
Updated June 25,  2010
It is absolutely true that some people, from the time they are in first grade, know they want to be teachers. For others, the idea to become a teacher can be a sudden insight, or a feeling that ferments for years in some remote corner of their consciousness. Regardless of where the idea comes from, for many, the images associated with becoming a teacher are compelling. However, as is often the case in life, the...
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