212 Degrees

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What is 212 degrees? Of course it’s a temperature, but it is also a metaphor to live up to. 212 degrees is taking the extra step from doing something good to doing something great. 212 degrees can apply to almost every aspect of your life, from school to sports, and from faith to attitude. How does it apply to your life?

In school it is important to give it your all. Take me for example. I always try hard, but not always my hardest, sometimes waiting until the last minute to do a project or assignment. If I want to reach my “boiling point” of 212 degrees in school I need to make changes. I can do my school work ahead of time or take harder honors, AP, or online classes. If I take better notes then I will study better and make better scores on tests and quizzes.

Sports are another example. I play softball and throw shot put and discus in track. I don’t always want to go to practice and when I don’t want to be there, I don’t try my hardest. Instead I should be happy and feel blessed that I have the ability to participate in these sports, and take it as an opportunity to improve my skills. Everyone makes mistakes so if I mess up in a game or don’t do well at a meet, I shouldn’t get down on myself. I should remember my mistakes and work on it at the next practice so I won’t make the same mistakes again.

In my opinion, your faith is what helps to form your character and your beliefs. I am a proud Christian. Not everyone is the same religion, but everyone does have their own set of beliefs. There are days I wake up and don’t want to go to church or to my religious classes, but I need to look at it as a chance to thank the good Lord for letting me wake up, being healthy and happy. Some people do not have the choice of going to church and they wish they could.

Attitude, it is the way you act and the way you present yourself to everyone in your life. There are days you are going to be in a bad mood and days you will be in a good mood. For...
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