21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Summary

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The 21 Irrefutable
Laws of Leadership
Follow Them and People Will Follow You
-John C. Maxwell-


The concept of this book is simple: Understand and practice the 21 laws of leadership and you will be a successful leader. You must also believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. Leadership is not a position but a process. Your co-workers, peers or general followers don’t care how much you know until they understand how much you care. Maxwell takes the time to explain each law and why it is important to successful leadership. Once you are aware of the law the book goes one step further and takes historical figures, like Mother Theresa or the McDonald Brothers, and demonstrates how the leadership law really works. Maxwell asks that as you read the following chapters and to keep four simple ideas in mind: 1. The 21 irrefutable laws can be learned

2. The laws can stand alone
3. The laws carry consequences with them
4. These laws are the foundation of leadership
21 Laws of Leadership:
1. Law of the Lid: “Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness” The “lid” represents a leader’s level of effectiveness. One’s leadership ability determines their effectiveness and impact within the organization and determines your ability to succeed. 2. Law of Influence: “The true measure of leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less” The ability to influence others is the ultimate goal of a leader; others will not follow you if you do not influence them. Managing and leading are not the same, IQ doesn’t always determine leadership ability, the one in front is not always the leader, and leadership is not based upon position. 3. Law of Process: “Leadership develops daily, not in a day” Leadership is a collection of skills which all can be learned and improved upon over time. “It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes leaders from their followers.” 4. Law...
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