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Topics: 21st century, Developing country, Centuries Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: February 22, 2013
India in 21st centuries
Our country has made tremendous progress after independence and we have very optimistic picture of it. If we compare the progress of these four decades with the country that India was at the close of the 19th century, we would wonder at the difference.The present country has achieved great success in economics, trade, industry, education and science. And now we can presume that India will surely occupy an important position in the world in 21st century. The day is not far when the whole world will recognise her as the leader or torch bearer of Asia.Every country in the world will try to have friendly relations with India. She will have good relations with our neighbouring countries. Indo-Pak relations will improve and there will be free trade and communication between these two countries. India and China will succeed in setling their border disputes in the coming century and both will have very good relations with each other. The new century will see India and Sri Lanka as good friends. In the same way India's relation with Nepal, Bhutan Burma will improve considerably.In the economic field, our country will make great progress in the 21st century. Standard of living of all persons will rise. India will become a big exporting country in the coming century. She will not be in the need of taking loans from the World Bank. The country will be able to put a check upon rising of necessary commodities. The country will make great Progress in industry and agriculture will be modernised.No doubt we have not been able to check the over creasing population but there are indications that educated are increasingly taking to the advantages of small this makes clear that education should be spread among those who are very far from it. By educating more and more people we will certainly get rid of population explosion in the coming years.Our country has already made progress in the field of agriculture as a result of which it has become more than self-...
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