20th Century Literature

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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ME (F) 16
M.A. (Final) Examination, May/June 2011 (DE Scheme (SIM)) ENGLISH (Course – VI) Twentieth Century English Literature

Time : 3 Hours

Max. Marks : 90

Notes :1) Answer five questions choosing at least one from each Section. 2) All questions carry equal marks. 3) Do not omit any Section. SECTION – A 1. Critically comment on the salient features of twentieth century poetry. 2. a) Attempt an essay on the mother-son relationship in Sons and Lovers. OR b) Comment on the role of women characters in Sons and Lovers. 3. a) Comment on the significance of the title, A Passage to India. OR b) Analyse Forster’s delineation of the ‘Empire’ in A Passage to India. 4. a) Comment on the racist over tones in Heart of Darkness. OR b) Critically comment on Marlowe-Kurtz relationship. SECTION – B 5. a) Consider Hopkins as a religious poet, with reference to any two poems. OR b) Write a critique of Lawrences “Snake.” P.T.O.

ME (F) 16


6 . a) Comment on Yeats’ views on old age, death and regeneration in his Byzantium poems. OR b) Attempt an essay on the oldman’s “rambling reminiscences” in “The Tower”. 7. a) Comment on the symbolism in “The Waste Land”. OR b) Attempt a critique of “Dry Salvages”. SECTION – C 8. a) Examine Look Back in Anger as the portrait of an angry young man. OR b) Comment on the structure of the play, The Cocktail Party. 9. a) Attempt a thematic analysis of St. Joan. OR b) Comment on the plot in St. Joan. 10. a) Examine Waiting for Godot as an Absurd play. OR b) Comment on the symbolic significance of ‘waiting’, in Waiting for Godot. ––––––––––––––––

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