20th Century Battlefields

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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20th Century Battlefields

The Video 1918 Western Front is a documentary about the World War One fighting on the western part of Germany and eastern side of France. It is documented by Peter and Dan Snow, and shows real footage from the time and pictures helping to describe the war. The video focuses on the German Central Powers versus the Allied powers in 1918. The war was originally supposed to only take six months, when it really dragged on for three and a half years. It starts with German chief strategist Erich Ludendorff, planning to take control of the western front line. Ludendorff develops a tactic called Kaiserschlacht, and this is where the fittest soldiers lead first and look for weak points to advance while air support helps from above to move the enemy back. This tactic worked quite well, and by mid day the British had lost a third of their men. This continued on for about 5 days until the British retreated on April 5th, 1918 just 11 miles from Amiens. As the Germans kept coming hard on the Western Front, the Allies regrouped with the help of the United States Marines. 350,000 troops, air support, and tanks combined to overwhelm the German’s. Eventually the Germans asked for an armistice because there were too many Allied soldiers for them to control. Other than the large amounts of casualties and land ruined, some good things came from the war such as technological advancements such as tanks and improved artillery. Also, new systems of government emerged such as communism and a new world order arose. This video helped outline the many important checkpoints of the First World War and I would recommend this video to you, so long as you enjoy it just as much as I did.
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