205 Ways to Save the Earth

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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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The Summary of “205 Easy Ways to Save the Earth”
In a personal narrative “205 Easy Ways to Save the Earth” by Thomas L. Friedman an award winning columnist. Researched on the internet (Google) “Easy Ways to Save the Earth” upon his search he found a great number of links this included “10 Ways to Save the Earth in Under a Minute”. He argues that were having a green party not a revolution. He states that there is more to changing a light bulb to make a difference. He has come across a law that he has had to fight to make a change to help the environment by installing solar panels. With this in mind he states that going green is not as easy as it is put out to be. There are major investments that have to be made in order to help find and produce renewable sources. According to the Journal of Science C02 levels are raising, this is causing the climate to change, the higher the CO2 levels the crazier the weather. In efforts to avoid CO2 levels from doubling Socolow and Pacala created a 15 part pie chart that consist of thing that could help omit the 200 billion tons of carbon. Nate Lewis a chemist has also come up with what he believes will reduce the amount of C02, he states that we need to produce efficient energy and power. The amount of investments that need to be made to do this is large and not affordable to do. Hal Harvey an energy expert claims that this problem can’t be solved with the same thought process as was used to create this problem. However Friedman states that people don’t realize the path that has been taken is failing, it needs to be corrected now.
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