2013 Budget Message of President Aquino

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2013 Budget Message of President Aquino
The People’s CLAMOR for Reform
This Budget is the national government’s blueprint of expenditures and sources of financing for the year 2013. It spells out the costs of government’s plans and operations for the entire fiscal year. More than that, however, crafted by a government that firmly believes that its sole purpose is to serve its true bosses—the Filipino people—this budget is the embodiment of our people’s collective hopes and desires. These past two years, we have remained conscious of the budget’s role in advancing our national agenda; and we have achieved historic feats. In 2011 and 2012, the men and women of this Congress acted with diligence and urgency in enacting the National Budgets. In fact, the General Appropriations Act of 2012 was the earliest enacted budget since our countrymen restored true democracy in 1986. For this, and for your support to our development agenda as funded by those budgets, I congratulate and thank you. As we move forward along the straight and righteous path, we have continuously planted and nurtured the seeds of reform with the annual Budgets enacted under this Administration. We have prioritized the people’s most urgent needs in order to genuinely and efficiently address poverty and inequality. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that public funds are managed judiciously and with minimum waste. We have fostered a new culture of openness, transparency, and participation in the budget process, and throughout the bureaucracy. Using the Budget, we have successfully worked to reinforce the foundations on which our public institutions are built—we have made them less prone to corruption, more results-driven, and, ultimately, more deserving of our bosses’ trust. Malinaw ang Atas ng Taumbayan: siguruhin na ang bawat piso ay nagagamit nang tama at nagdudulot ng makabuluhang benepisyo sa kanilang buhay. Atas nila ang pagtahak sa landas tungo sa paggugol na matuwid sa kaban ng bayan. Wala silang ibang inaasahan sa atin kundi siguruhing diretso sa karaniwang tao ang pakinabang, hindi sa bulsa ng iilan sa poder. The Empowerment Budget of 2013

On behalf of your constituents, I ask you to examine and thereafter approve this proposed P2.006-trillion National Budget for 2013. This proposed Budget is 10.5 percent higher than this year’s budget of P1.816 trillion. The expenditure program is consistent with our macroeconomic and fiscal aspiration for the next fiscal year and in the medium-term. Above that, this budget is a crucial step in our continuing pursuit of good governance—governance that will give our impoverished countrymen the opportunity to lift themselves out of their situations; governance that will ensure that this country moves forward together. The idea has been clear from day one: Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap. We can succeed in this goal only if government continues to empower the people. This means enabling them to take control of their own lives. It means listening to them intently, and consulting with them as regards the services that affect their day-to-day lives. It means recognizing their power over their own government. It means giving them back that power, and, together with them, shaping the destiny of our nation. This is why we have crafted a budget of empowerment.

This Budget pursues empowerment by creating more opportunities for public participation in governance. It invests significantly in the people’s capabilities by prioritizing funding for public services that provide jobs, educate our youth, ensure a healthier citizenry, and empower each Filipino to participate in economic activity. Needless to say, this is not a budget that government crafted in an enclosed room that will work only for the benefit of a select few; this is the budget that the Filipino people entrusted to us; and this is the budget that will be the framework of our efforts to give our people a government that truly works for them. With that, let me...
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