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This week’s reading essay was interesting and I felt I am kind of lucky that I don’t have the Binge Eating Disorder. I don’t have the Binge Eating Disorder but my eating habit was really bad plus I like eating dessert and snacks a lot. I always go to school without having breakfast and sometimes I just eat too much. Nobody wants to have these kinds of diseases, so let’s form good eating habits from now. The author of the essay “Secrets for Dinner, Shame for Dessert” have made many good points about her essay and I think she had successfully persuaded her audiences into trying to have a good eating habit. About my research paper, there are many things I could learn from this week’s reading just like the previous reading we have did, I can learn the way the authors of the book present their arguments and the way they persuade their audiences about their arguments. In my draft my point is trying to say that coming to America for college is a good choice for Chinese students and apparently there would be different opinions, all the things I try to persuade my audience in my paper was based on the fact I have learned and the experience I have heard or have happened on myself and I think there are persuasive to my audience about my point. My research draft was really a bad one and I believe the blind would be better based on what I have learned in this class so far.
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