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2012 Prophecies Revealed

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2012 Prophecies Revealed

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Week Five Individual Assignment: 2012 Prophecies Revealed

Mitar Kozomara

COM/172: Elements of University Composition and Communication II

February 22, 2012

Steven M. Plavny

University of Phoenix

2012 Prophecies Revealed

Lost Book of Nostradamus and the Book of Revelations from the Bible both predict pronounced calamities such as worldwide natural disasters, a possible nuclear holocaust, and the rise of the antichrist. The interpretation by scholars of the Mayan long count calendar ending as the end of the world, and even astronomers today have predicted cataclysmic events, perhaps even the end of the world. However, even though these predictions are on schedule to occur on the same year, perhaps even the same date, December 21st 2012, the chances of a catastrophic event happening are very minute and such predictions could not be further from the truth. There is a reasonable and a simple explanation to these predictions; fueling the fears by mere speculation, ignorance, and the unknown.

When most people hear about the Mayan calendar and prophecy, they automatically associate it with the end of the world. It is true that the ancient Mayan civilization was an advanced civilization in regard to time keeping and astronomy; however, the end of what is known as “the long count calendar” only means the end of an “Age” not the end of the world (Coe, Michael 2002). Just as when December 31st ends and the new year begins and the world celebrates the New Year’s day on the 1st of January, so do the Mayans when the long count brings the end of one “Age” and start of a new one. Susan Milbarth, an overseer of Natural History of Florida Museum, indicated "We have no record or knowledge that the Mayans would think the world would come to an end.” When the conquistadors invaded the “new world,” in the 1500s, they destroyed much of the Mayan literature and therefore a great deal is still unknown about the Mayan...

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