2012 Olympic Games

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London Olympics Assessment

1. Executive Summary3
1.1. Preview3
1.1.1. Recommendation3
2. Terms of reference3
2.1. Report specifications3
2.1.1. Purpose3
2.1.2. Scope3
2.1.3. Aim3
2.1.4. limitations and constraints3
2.1.5. Objectives4
3. Methodology and Procedures4
3.1. Materials4
3.1.1. How I sourced materials4
3.1.2. Materials used4
4. Findings/Analysis4
4.1. The bid4
4.2. Rejuvenation5
4.2.1. New image5
4.2.2. Location5
4.3. Economic impacts6
4.3.1. Growth6
4.3.2. Over spending?6
4.4. Funding7
4.4.1. Cadburys7
4.4.2. The lottery7
5. Conclusions8
5.1. London 20128
6. References8
7. Bibliography9
8. Appendices10
9. Glossary of Terms / Abbreviations10

Executive Summary
The topic of this report is the 2012 London Olympics and the benefits it will bring to the UK. The government have already touted the Olympic games to bring more tourism and business opportunities to not only London but the entire of the UK, the games will be watched by the 204 countries entering and it is a fantastic opportunity for the UK to showcase and present itself to the world in a bid to further steady their footing on the global ladder. Recommendation

It will explore whether the Olympics is still athlete focused or more of a profit maker for the host. If these games are to prevail careful observation of previous games must be made to ensure that similar pitfalls are not stumbled upon and past methods can be improved. A more recent turn in economics may prove a large problem for the preparation of the games and the government must be careful as not to under estimate the budget, especially considering the varying views societies take on the use of public spending for all this to happen. Terms of reference

Report specifications
This report is for the assessment of my tutor, Alex Watts. It will asses my understanding and development of report writing and the module so far. Scope
I may use any material I can find in this report and have no limit to the references I can use, so long as I do not exceed the word limit set and I reference them on the reference page. I may use a limit less amount of material for background reading and study in relation to this report as long as they are stated in the bibliography or reference page. Aim

My aim is to research London 2012 and demonstrate the skills I have learned. Taking reference from material including newspapers, academic journals and books. I will use a broad scope of materials to present a very balanced and clear report of the games. Limitations and constraints

I am limited on the length of the report and the due date. The maximum length of the report is 2500 words not including the reference list and bibliography and the due date is the 20th of November. I must ensure my work is of a certain layout and style with a contents table. I may use a maximum of two references from internet sites and any other information obtained from internet sites with have to be recorded in the bibliography and will not count to one of my fifteen minimum references. Also when making reference and listing reading materials I must keep them in accordance with the Harvard referencing system. Objectives

This report is due in on the 21st of November and has a word limit of 2500. The key objective in this report is to analyse whether the games will bring all the benefits the government is suggesting. This report will explore the claims made by the government and London’s’ Mayor Boris Johnson and weigh up whether they are too great a task for them to realise in the long run. I will base a conclusion on all the references and information I have put together throughout the report. Methodology and Procedures

I had very little knowledge of the Olympics previously and started by looking at past games on various web pages and began relating them to 2012. I paid particular attention to the economic side...
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