2012 Innovative Idea Competition

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Product, service or technology description (40 points)
Describe the product, service or technology. State exactly what it does and how it does this. My service is a direct response advertising strategy for small businesses. The unconventional Marketing method is displayed as a bright and attractive quadracyle. The quadracycle is unforgettable as it rides around pedestrian malls with samples or coupons to attract attention and build relationships around a local product or service.

What problem does the product, service or technology solve, and/or what need does it fill? My unconventional technique offers an effective way for small business to target a small geographical area without a large advertising commitment. The cart fills the needs of small businesses in a small geographical area, such as a restaurant, barber shop, or organization. Small businesses desperately need to attract new clients and with the unconventional marketing method we offer personalized attention and a positive unique experience to a potential customer.

Uniqueness/Innovativeness (30 points)
How is your product, service or technology different than others that solve the same problem or fulfill the same need? Or in other words, why will people want to purchase it? Businesses will purchase my product since I offer an alternative to print promotions. The cart attracts interest, and immediately draws in a crowd to boost sales.

Describe the “direct competition”
Unconventional Marketing’s direct competition is businesses that employ individuals to hand out flyers, and other form of street team promotions, and organizations that use commercial sponsorship. Unconventional’s indirect competitions are campus coupons, newspaper advertisements, and targeted Facebook advertisements.

Customer (10 points)
Who will purchase your product, service or technology? The Unconventional customers are restaurants, cafes, bars, chain restaurants, and local small business...
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