2012 Election Response Paper

Topics: President of the United States, Democratic Party, United States Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Election Reaction Paper
Sunny Stewart
Westfall High School

7th period
Mr. Smith

November 6th, 2012— the day that citizens of the United States casted their ballots in what had been dubbed as one of the most important elections in our country’s history. The idea of a ‘better tomorrow’ rested in the hands of two separate candidates, Mitt Romney and the reigning Barack Obama. With the nomination of Mitt Romney, Americans were promised a new, contrasting approach to the recent problems the United States has encountered. The reelection of Barack Obama would provide Americans with the continuation of his term along the adopted policies and concepts he had set into place. This election provided voters an equal choice between two highly credible and intelligent men that both proposed a promising future for all citizens.

In my family, political views and concepts have always been integrated into casual discussions. As small business owners, my parents have always remained open with their ideas in politics and the American government. With their views as a foundation, I identify myself as a Republican. Even though this election I was voting age, I still believe that my opinion counts as an influence on the citizens of voter-ready age. With this being said, it is apparent that I am disappointed with the outcome of the election held last week. With the concepts Mitt Romney introduced, I believe he could have led America to a brighter, more promising future. Governor Romney is a man of great generosity and accountability, and could have proven himself to be an outstanding, well-organized leader—something our country is in great need of right now.

While I do not often agree with the ideas of the Democratic Party, I sincerely congratulate our president, Barack Obama, on earning his second term in office. In the past week, I have observed many people who do not support President Obama that refuse to remain modest with the outcome of this election....
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