2011 Top 10 Most Visited Websites in United States

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2011 Top 10 Most Visited Websites in United States

1. Google
Google has become such a popular search engine that people have coined the phrase “Googling” to describe searching for topics on the Internet. In addition to serving as one of the top search engines, you can get maps and directions to a variety of destinations, read news articles on today’s hot topics and benefit from an excellent online shopping mall where you can compare prices and read customer reviews on products and retailers. Google also has an email system called Gmail that is free. 2. Facebook

Facebook, if you’ve been living on another planet for the last half-decade, is a social network created to connect people. First made popular by college and high school students, Facebook is used today by people of all ages. Sign up for a free account and start uploading photos and writing notes. You can also visit other Facebook user pages and get news and insight into a variety of topics. Once you register, you’ll be able to search for old friends and connect online or seek out new friends. 3. Yahoo

Yahoo is a multi-faceted resource for Internet users, from the advanced search engine functions to free e-mail. You can easily customize your home page and access local weather, news and events. Yahoo also offers shopping, information on automobiles and real estate. Yahoo offers a question and answer area with a wealth of information. Sign up to ask questions or answer questions and collect points. Old questions and answers are archived for future reference. 4. YouTube

Popular with both adults and teens, this site offers a myriad of online videos on just about any topic imaginable. Search by keyword or link to additional related titles from the current video you’re viewing. Sign up for free and upload your own videos or share and bookmark your favorite videos. The community area helps with directions and the ability to find out how to perform different tasks at YouTube. Not sure how to upload your...
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