2011 Ap World History Dbq Outline

Topics: Fidel Castro, Cuba, Cuban Revolution Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: May 12, 2012
Introduction: It is not uncommon to read in a history text book during anytime and find a note, a sentence, and a paragraph, of how somewhere women were not equal to men. This continues even today as in some areas women are still treated with inferiority, but many countries also have changed already, such as Cuba. In the years of 1959 to 1990, women and even some men, prompted for gender equality, for women to be able to do the things men could do without being judged. This time period marks a change in Cuban society, from an ignorant society of their world before 1959 into a more enlightened place, through the efforts of many people against what others were telling them was wrong, what society had told was wrong, but what they knew was truly right. Paragraph 1: Those who tried to stop the change, the problems the “revolution” faced •Documents to use: 1, 3, additional document

Document 1: talks about the fathers or husbands power over the family, patria potestad (patriarchal power), and how before 1959, women had to live with this, live with not being free •Document 3: The perspective of a Cuban husband who say as the revolution gave women more rights and jobs and that this isn’t right, that a women owes herself to her husband and children •Additional document: an article done by a less patriarchal country about the treatment of Cuban women during this time period Paragraph 2: Women fighting for equality, the time of change •Documents to use: 4, 5, 6

Document 4: from the perspective of a Cuban women 1970, saying how before the revolution the only job a woman could really get was as a prostitute, but because of the revolution they now have much more opportunities and chances for education and jobs outside the house •Document 5: Fidel Castro, talks about how women are discriminated, how the revolution is fighting to stop this, and how it will take time •Document 6: talks from the perspective of a woman during 1978, how she was not given water, or a...
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