2010 Technology Essay

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2010 Technology Essay - Process Writing, Revision
In the world we live in today, technology is expanding just as fast as our education is improving. Some schools, like Empire High School, are beginning to take advantage of the new technology devices we have today. Empire High School are starting to trade pencils and paper for tablets and computers. It may be a high risk of using these technologies, but if we never try working with technology how would we ever know how it will work.

First, Rotstein, Arthur H.'s article “Books Are Out, iBooks Are In For Students at Arizona High School.” communicates about how schools to need to take aggression in the use of technology, the author states “We've always been pretty aggressive in use of technology and we have a history of taking risks.” This is an example on how schools should start taking risks and use technology instead of textbooks. The author also states that “School officials believe the electronic materials will get students more engaged in learning”, this is a statement supporting the movement of technology education. It supports the movement by being one of the first to be engaged with electronic devices to help students learn. Computers are great tools for education.

Second, Delaney, Kevin J's book “Teaching Tools” speaks about the electronic devices that can help students learn. In the print, Delaney states “Pioneering teachers are getting their classes to post writing assignments online so other students can easily read and critique them” which then allows the reader to learn and communicate with the other student on what he/she is doing wrong. That is one important factor because learning what is wrong will improve on their own writing skills and can implement them on the next essay the students write. Another example the author presents is “Educators are beginning to interact with students, parents and each other in ways they never have before” explaining how easy it is to communicate to one other....
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