201 Task a - Short Answer Questions

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Task A - Short Answer Questions
Ai: Three different sources of information would be found on the internet, through the management and the policy and procedure folder. Aii:
a)Three aspects of employment covered by law are Health and Safety, Training and most important a contract, the employee must have a contact of employment. b)Three main features of the current employment legislation are holiday’s entitlement, pay and sick. Aiii: Employment laws exist to protect the best interests of the employees and employers without regulations there would be problems like workers being treated unjustly, unfairly and would cause minimum wages, safe working conditions and discrimination.

Task B – Your work role
Bi: The terms and conditions of my employment as in my contract are: Names of employee and employer
Job title/description
Date of employment
Hours of work
Place of work
Disciplinary Rules
Grievance Procedures

Bii: The information that is needed on my payslip is:
Employee number
Employee name
National insurance number
Payment details – Hours, Rate, Tax and Net pay
Tax code
Date of pay

Biii: Two changes of personal information which I would report to my employer would be: Change of name ie. If a marriage or divorce has taken place
Change of bank details

Biv: The procedure if I wanted to raise a grievance at work would be:
The line manager
Write to the head of HR and the Administration at Shaw house An investigation of the facts of the case to obtain any evidence which may be relevant A formal hearing
A written decision will be given from the Line Manager and Head of HR and Administration If necessary the right of appeal
A note of recording would be placed on my personal file
If needed an appeal in writing to a higher authority ie. President and 2 independent nominees and The Chief Executive Written decision to me after a complete investigation of the facts of the case Each stage would be placed on my personal file

1.Data protection - The major piece of legislation which covers confidential information is the Data Protection Act, the access to Health Records and the access to Personal Files Act. The Data held includes credit and financial information, membership of organisations, medical, health and social services records. 2.Grievance - Failure of procedures ie. See Biv

3.Conflict Management –
4.Anti-discriminatory practice – to prevent race, class, gender etc 5.Health and Safety – The home ensures that reasonable practicable Health and Safety and welfare of its employees and others will work in partnership to take steps to ensure that its statutory duties with regard to safety are met at all time. Training in First Aid, Fire, Moving and Positioning, maintaining the rules of the policies and procedures. 6.Confidentiality – During or after the termination of my employment am I to use or disclose to anyone (other than in the proper course of my employment with the initiation, any information on a confidential nature or protected by Data Protection Act. This relates to Beneficiaries, Supporters of the institution and institution itself. 7.Whistle blowing – In the past, people who have reported colleagues’ actions who they consider have been ill treated, neglected or abused residents have been regarded as troublemakers. Now it’s recognised that staff are likely to observe and report bad practice. A case could be a criminal offence, has been a legal obligate, a miscarriage of justice, an individual as failed the health and safety rules or that the environment has been damaged.

a) To deliver a high standard of resident care within the legislation and regulations. To maintain the dignity, Privacy and independence of residents. b)To not carry out the requirements of my role would be monitored by my employees, advised on training and...
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