201 Managing Own Performance

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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There are a number of guidelines and procedures in place to enable me to do my job not only to the best of my ability but in a professional working manner. Whilst in a busy office, there are procedures that need to be followed relating to various aspects of the job including correct procedures to health and safety, answer the telephone, dealing with incoming and outgoing mail, booking meeting rooms, greeting visitors that arrive as well as other procedures. All of the office procedures are kept on the local website that we have within the council. This is due to them trying to have a ‘paper free’ based office. This is easily accessible where any member of staff can revise them as and when necessary. Data Protection plays a huge impact not only my job but the whole Council. We must ensure that we do not breach the Data Protection Act to protect the public. It states that personal data must be:

processed fairly and lawfully
processed for limited purposes
adequate, relevant and not excessive
accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date
not kept longer than necessary
processed in line with individuals' rights
kept secure
not transferred to countries abroad without adequate protection Teamed with the Data Protection Act is the Freedom of Information Act.

If you are an employee you are accountable to your employer. They have a right to see that your work is up to the criterion that they have set. We have to set priorities in order to do most important things first. If we are accountable to others for our own work we are more responsible for work we do. The benefit of planning work means that you have to complete an overview of how you want the end product to be, before you begin this . You can put in bits of work which you may forget due to lack of preparation and organisation. It brings control and order to the work that you are trying to achieve and may help you break something down that seemed overwhelming in to small...
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