2008 Nec Codes Pertaining to the Kitchen

Topics: Kitchen, Circuit breaker, Dishwasher Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: September 4, 2012
2008 NEC Codes Pertaining to the Kitchen All 125V single-phase 15 and 20 amp receptacles installed to serve countertop space shall be GFCI protected, IAW Art. 210.8(A)(6). In a kitchen wall receptacles shall be installed IAW Art. 210.52(A)(1)-(3) being that no point on the wall is further than 6ft from a receptacle. Art. 210.52(B)(1)-(3) states that the kitchen's 2 or more 20amp small appliance circuits required by 210.11(C)(1) shall serve all wall, floor, countertop, and refrigeration equipment. Exception 1 is for separate lighting circuits as allowed in 210.70(A)(1). Exception 2 allows refrigeration equipment to be on an individual 15amp or greater branch circuit. IAW 210.52(B)(2)and(3) these branch circuits cannot feed other outlets in rooms not list in 210.52(B)(1) Countertops in a kitchen shall have receptacles installed IAW 210.52(C)(1)-(5). There shall be a receptacle on a countertop wall space 12 in or wider, and no point on the wall shall be more than 24 in horizontally from a receptacle. Countertop space separated by rangetops, refrigerators, or sinks shall be considered separate spaces. The receptacles shall not be more than 20 in off the top of the countertop. The dishwasher may be hard wired if the switch or circuit breaker is within site or is capable of being locked out in the open position IAW 422.31(B). Art 422.34 allows for a unit switch to be a means of disconnect IF it disconnects all ungrounded conductors. After doing some further research, the Underwriters Laboratory states that residential dishwasher unit switches do not disconnect all the ungrounded conductors. In an article publish in the International Association of Electrical Inspectors Magazine website (http://www.iaei.org/magazine/?p=243) in Jan 2009 states the following: “Question: Does the unit switch on a household dishwasher qualify as a disconnect in accordance with NEC 422.34? Answer: No, the unit switch in a household dishwasher is not required to disconnect all ungrounded...
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