2008 American Presidential Elections

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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The 2008 American Presidential Elections

Nearly all American presidential elections can be seen as an historical event, but the elections on November 4 2008 were seen as even more important than ever before.

In America there are two major political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Democrat Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain with 365 electoral votes to McCain’s 173. The 2008 elections were the first time an African American was elected president and the voter turnout for the election was the highest in over 40 years. Another reason for this election being seen as an historical event is because it is the first time the Democratic Party has won in three decades ending the Republicans domination of American politics. The elections were also held at a crucial time when the world started to feel the global recession.

Obama’s election also shows that America is moving away from a racial based society and voted for their president based on his worthiness regardless of skin color. One of the reasons Obama was elected president was because he could relate to the concerns of the ordinary citizens. During a tough time like this many watch how the people in power will handle the situation and whether they are actually doing something about it and most people voted for Obama because they believed he could bring about change and in a recent poll, Obama was voted as the world’s most popular leader as well as the one most likely to remedy the global recession. Obama’s election has seen great support from most countries worldwide
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