2004 Dbq Ap Us History

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  • Published : September 12, 2012
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2004 DBQ
The French and Indian War altered the political, ideological, and economic relations between Britain and its American colonies in many ways. It changed things such as cultural groups inhabiting the American colonies and the way the colonies were taxed.

Document one clearly shows the difference in the changes of cultural groups, before the war mostly French and English with Spanish in the far south inhabited the east of North America which was affected. After the war there were no longer any French dominate areas on the maps I viewed. This was a political change.

In document 2 Canassatego, Chief of the Onondaga Nation of Iroquois Confederacy showed his outrage against the settlers moving into their lands and taking their resources. He is angered because his tribe and others were there first and the settlers feel entitled to this land even though it is not rightfully theirs. After the war settlers obviously dominated these areas regardless of Indian’s feelings, creating even more tension.

After the French and Indian War Britain felt as if they spent way too much money “protecting” the Colonists from the Indians. Britain imposed many taxes on the Colonists, this angered them greatly. It led to smuggling of goods. These events all foreshadow the breaking away of the colonies from England. There were major economic changes.

As you can see there were many ideological, economic, and political changes cause by the French and Indian War. Many of these even foreshadowed the breaking away of the Colonies from Britain. The Colonies could not put up with Britain and their rulings any longer after this war and the taxes imposed upon them.
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